The Trailer Company

3 way trailer

The 3 Way Trailer contains three separate working spaces with windows. The total floor area is 27 square meters. To make your work easier, the rooms are equipped e.g. with a desk, a cupboard, a couch and several power outlets. During the cold season the comfortablity is increased by the heating system, the discomforts of hot summer heat are relieved by the air conditioning system.

3 Way Trailer layout

– Desk

– Couch

– Cupboard

– Window

– Interior lights

– Heating

– Underfloor heating

– Air conditioning

– Room size 9 m2

– Total surface area 27 m2

– Ceiling height 2,1 m

– Power sockets 230 V

– Power inlet 32A/3

Width 10,9m

Height, 3,23m

Depth 2,5m

Weight 2600kg

Film Production Trailers for rent for the needs of television & feature film productions and event industry in Scandinavia and the Baltic countries.