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BIG Honey wagon toilet trailer

Big toilet trailer full view. Big Honey Wagon.

Rent a toilet trailer in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Big Honey Wagon has four separate toilet booths, all equipped with a hand wash basin. All booths have vacuum toilet bowls so the water consumption is very low. In addition, two of the booths are equipped with  modern waterless urinals. The lighting, the radio and the water pumping system are powered with a battery which can also be charged with a solar panel. During the cold season, the using comfort is increased by the heating, the underfloor heating and the supply of warm water –  to use these features, the trailer has to be plugged into  32/3phase current system.

Water Closet, has 4 toilets; 2 stalls with toilet seats and 2 with toilet seats and urinals.

Kokonaismassa / Technically pemissible maximum laden mass 3500 kg

Length 8400 mm
Width 2500 mm
Height 3000 mm
Water tank 900 litres
Waste tank 1100 litres32A/3 phase in and out runs internal heating and warm water reserve.
12V battery with solar panel runs toilet pumps, water faucet pumps and lighting.
Waste water can be attached straight to a sewer or a external water tank.

Fresh water inlet can be attached to a normal garden hose.
Finnish drivers license info:

Tätä traileria saa vetää BE-kortilla (pikku-e) jos vetävän ajoneuvon massa on 3500 kg tai alle ja ajoneuvon vetokoukku on luokiteltu 3500 kg massalle. BE-kortilla maksimimassa on 7000 kg = traileri 3500 kg + auto 3500 kg.

Traileria saa vetää myös C1E-kortilla, jolloin yhdistelmä (auto + traileri) saa painaa yhteensä 12000 kg.