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Honey wagon toilet trailer

Honey Wagon Trailer - Exterior

Rent a Mobile restroom in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden, Denmark and Norway!

The Honey Wagon has two separate toilet booths, both equipped with a hand wash basin. Both booths have vacuum toilet bowls so the water consumption is very low. In addition, one of the booths is equipped with a modern waterless urinal. The lighting, the radio and the water pumping system are powered with a battery which can also be charged with a solar panel. During the cold season, the using comfort is increased by the heating, the underfloor heating and the supply of warm water –  to use these features, the trailer has to be plugged into the mains current system.

Honey Wagon Trailer Layout

– 2 toilet booths, one equipped with a waterless urinal

– Hand wash basins

– Mirrors

– Radio

– Internal warm water container

– Internal gray water container

– Battery, also rechargeable with solar power

– Interior lighting

– Heating

– Underfloor heating

– Interior room height 2,1 m

– Power inlet 230V 16A, includes also independent solar system

Width 3,9m

Height 3m

Depth 2,26m

Weight 1031kg